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What is Woofound Compass?

Woofound Compass is a transformational personality assessment that recommends career paths based on personality and preference data. Find out the uniqueness of Woofound Compass. Learn more.

Image-Based Assessment
Traditional text-based assessments take 45-90 minutes. Woofound Compass is a visual assessment that takes less than 5 minutes.
Immediate Results
Woofound Compass delivers a personality profile and makes recommendations instantly, no need to wait days or weeks for results.
Available Anywhere
Available on demand, 24/7 on all leading internet browsers.

Personality Breakdown

Receive a detailed breakdown of your career personality, including a blend of your strengths, what type of people you work well with, and career fields you may be interested in.

Career Matches

Find great career possibilities that are catered for any level of education. Each career contains helpful resources and information to further assist in guiding your future.

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